Lane Alexander Shaffer

8 lbs., 4 oz. 21"

Welcome to the world, and to the world wide web.

Born at home in Portland, Oregon 3/25/05

Summer in Paradise, 2008 . . . As always, it seems, Portland's summer is made for great joy. Here for your viewing pleasure are a few moments in time from these halcyon days, still continuing the theme of He Who Must Climb. As these are action shots, I had to use my camera phone, so quality is rotten, but you get the idea.

He does the monkey bars the right way, too. Sometimes.

Quiet, contemplative Lane. For about 7 seconds.


Notice his freakish prehensile toes. He gets 'em from his momma.

Velveeta Part II.

He was pointing out just exactly how far he'd fall on his noggin, I guess to reassure me. Gulp.

No, no, you're sposedta HANG FROM them, and swing across and--oh, nevermind.

He's not quite brave enough to stand and skip across them yet.

The view from above.

We're trying to find a rock climbing gym that takes three year olds.

Because we're terribly afraid we'll wake up one morning to see him hanging outside our window. Note, however, the appropriate underpants for this endeavor. Behold, SPIDEY BUTT!

Let's hope this is not foreshadowing . . .

First pony ride, with more to come. Lane LOVED the horses. What a great birthday present!

Cheese anyone? Lane very much enjoyed the Easter bunny, aka Big Steve.

Contemplative Lane. It generally lasts about 15 seconds.

Uncle Lex and Lane enjoy Puff.

This year, he willingly put on his antlers and became our little Lanedeer!

Lane tries on Daddy's shoes and makes with the posin'.

We're mostly goofy, but we got one traditional-esque pose here.

Yes, Alan is holding the little runner still--can't you tell by the look on his face?

Here's the silly part.

And the giggly, ticklin' part.

And right back to silly! Poor Jason, the photographer who took these pics. He's patience personified, but Lord above knows how he works with us at all!


















Video coming soon!


Lane, efficiency expert, combines yoga with writing practice. At least to my aging eyes.

Here we are, Lex, Lane, and Billie Jo, just making ourselves to home at one of the approx. 3,72 houses we walked through on our quest.

And again. Lane did love the swing at this house!

Just look at how big he's getting. Oh dear.

Cool dudes must have their own shades.

They hardly ever FEEEEEEEEED me!

Unca Lex brought balloons--YAYYYY!

The widdle fambly unit. Awwww.

Lane's been enjoying his Bob the Builder tent, immensely.

Lane, with ballons, in Bob.

This and the next two pics illustrate a day with Lane. FAST-MOVE-GO!

And STOP. Briefly.

Enough rest, FAST-MOVE-GO!

The innocent. A-hem.

Momma steals a floating kiss.

But Lane just wants to float on his own!

Dad and Lane laughed together all weekend long.

Dad keeps him safe, even when he wants to float off.

Grampa Lloyd noodles around with the little guy.

Goin' solo!

Splashing is FUN! Much better than the bathtub

Lane loved the little dachsies--just his size!

Lane, our own little constant gardener.


Water + Lane = HAPPY.

Sing for yo' suppa, kid!

Just before we had to leave, which we really would rather not have done.

Oddly, this pappasan chair used to be referred to as BCU3 (that's Baby Containment Unit). It no longer holds him in, but the former prison makes a great climbing center.

Our son does a fair impression of Bill the Cat.

Um. I never know quite what to say when he wears his bucket.

UP CLOSE. This was an accidental take; the poor kid fell on his rumpus from the flash.

Summmmmertime . . .

Dad and son, Kings of the Backyard Milkcrate!

Put that kid to work, we said! And voila.

Action shot--the fast moving shovel of Lane, the Dirt Rearranger.

Lane has a job to do, and he's very serious about it.

Voila! He sets the table. Sort of.


Lane LOVES balloons.

Angel or devil? Give him a minute--he'll be both.

Read, read, drool.

Lane also loves buckets. On his head.

Come on, does he look forced?

Grampa Shaffer plays Toss the Baby.

The Birthday Destruction.

It begins tentatively . . .

But picks up speed!

He realllly wanted to toss it over the side. But we figured enough was enough. Food sure is FUN!

With Grandma Gay--she gave him his own cell phone!

And with Great Grandma Shaffer.

And with Unca John, who threatens to buy noisy toys and spoil the little monkey.

Four more, yo!

Precious little cuddler.

And the Destructomatic 2006!

That right thar is egg. Not what you're thinkin'.

Have I mentioned . . . food is FUN?

Hey, gimme my hat Uncle Lex!

Uhhh . . . help . . . get this hat off!

His daddy's boy, for sure.

If'n ye can't fix it, beat it.

Infant-canine relations are improved, as Lane shares his teething carrot. Luckily, Tucker is not picky.

I'm done, have this.

Please clean my hands, thank you.

Whatta smile!

Lane's learned to throw the ball, and his daddy is already looking for scouts.

Better stick with the little ball for now, kiddo.

Thanks Grandma Gay!

I realllllly love this wrapping paper!

I'm moving on uppppp!

See? Never mind what Mama says sometimes. I am a Perfect Angel.

See that mischievous glint in my eye? I'm obviously heading towards something forbidden.


This is the Christmas card outtake.

I can even drool in a straight line, at or onto a target.

All too soon, this door will be open for him.

Now, you've just got to believe that we don't beat him. But, as evidenced by above, Lane's trying to walk. Which means he falls a lot. On his face.

Beginning to climb. Oh dear.

And here is why we think he's so sweet--he's just goofy with joy at the box Gramma Gay's gifts came in!

And this neato bookshelf is his Xmas from ma'n'pa and the Grandfolk both regular and Grand of the Edwards/Adams clan. Clutter will be tamed!

Even a 6 month old needs a Halloween costume!

The pups just love the hairless cat in dog's clothing.

Photo by Jason Savage.

Jason took this one, too. You can tell because he's in focus.

We're so proud of our buckethead son . . .

Here, Lane practices the precursor of the walk-and-chew-gum combo that
frustrates so many older humans, as he manages to crawl and drool in fine form.

When he's intent on a goal, ain't no mountain high enough, baby.

Lane discovers his inner monkey--he climbs!

He stands to reason.

Little shaky yet . . .

Uncle Lex and Lane call it a day.

He sleeps.

Food is FUN!


Seriously, though.

Young Master Lane explores the delights of the kitchen floor.

I know we can't let him be raised by the dogs but . . . he certainly seems to do well on kibble!

"I ummm wasn't doing nothin', Ma!"

Going for the forbidden.

Lane meets Wolfgang Sheperd

And he is a bit confused by the smaller human.

Lane likes books . . . to drool on, anyway.

This is the bunny puppet Caroline got for Lane via Aunt Ozzie. He greatly enjoys snacking on it.

Ok, more obligatory bath shots. But CUTE!

"Yo peace out, dude."

Lane and Momma practicing standing and climbing.

Lane in the Baby Barcalounger


More ham!

Mike, Julie, Alan, and the squidlet and I went to laze around next to the Deschuttes. Ah, what a day it was! Here, Mike helps Lane practice flying.

Also from the Day at the Deschuttes, here's Papa and son about as laid back as they can get.

Auntie Beth and the Squid.

Coordinating the tie dyes is more difficult than one might think. Luckily, Auntie Beth is very adept.

Those crazy Shaffer boys!

Sunny day with Jennifer and the kiddo.

Representing the east coast Shaffer clan . . . EAST SIDE!

Cousin Zebbie snuggles Lane.

He's kind of a poser.

He loves his great grandma!

He eats .... and food, too.

He smiles!

He coos.

Yayyy nekkid baby!

All I need is my Moo Chew ... and this chair ... and this coffee thermos ...

Lane and his Uncle Lex. Awwww.

Aunt Ozzie plays Throw the Baby!

"Crimeny, this play mat is hideous ... haven't they heard of subdued earth tones, fercryinoutloud?"--Lane's inner adult speaks

Flexin' in the Dish shirt. Oh yeah, we're marketing our business on our baby. The American Dream!

Just so's you know, it's not all fun and games. Lane is having A Bad Day. Which means Ma'n'Pa get one, too.

Does anyone else think he looks like Uncle Fester here?

Dunno if he'll keep them, but the baby blues sure are something!

This one about makes Momma cry, he's so cute.

He's 4 weeks here.

And just over 2 weeeks here.

Lane's first official picnic!

Lane at 1 adorable day ...

Such a proud Daddy!