This is my sister Ozzie's butt. She really wanted it up here, and I'm not sure why, but you do what you can for family, right?

And this is my sister Ozzie's front view, lest you think she was missing that side.

And this is my sister Ozzie's boobs, as displayed for the population of Vancouver, BC, when we went on our fabulous spur-of-the-moment trip last summer.

Meet our brother, John, who will not retain his smiling visage if you mess with Ozzie's boobs, above, without her permission. Heh. He's in Fort Wayne, too damned far away.

These are some of the folkses who work for and with us, at a Thanksgiving party we had at the house. The little guy being held is an incredible driver, with the foot pedal modifications we got for him. Go Harlan!

This is Beth, left, and me, right, on a camping venture of some sort in Indiana. Dammit, I miss you, Beth. Get your butt out here.

Here, Beth and I are theoretically indoors, but judgin' by our glow, I think this could qualify as an outdoor, floating kind of adventure. This was from Beth's time as the Poor Lil Oyster Shucker Girl at Henry's, while I slogged drinks, and boy, did it get drunk out sometimes.


Voila, me and mum, sound asleep on the Big Chair (TM) after a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast.

Tucker, with his perpetual expression of adoring angst and need. Please note the blur that is his tail. I have a really hard time believing the Abused Dog (TM) stories he tells strangers to get petted.

I do have more recent pictures of the Zoe-fiend, but why bother? This pup pic is all you really need to know.

Me and Jenn, in order of appearance. She just came out to visit me--yayy, Jenn! Even without seeing each other for something like 2 years, we still have almost the same hair. Weird.

Ahhh Cindi and Jodi, two of most dangerous Ladies of Henry's. I'd write more, but there are laws.