How It's Been Hanging

Update Feb. 1, 2004: we bought a house! Holy cow. Stress bonanza, but here 'tis, in all its glory.

As most of you know, we opened our own business in Sept. 2002. Delivered Dish, Inc. is currently a source of income to 19 folks directly, and lots more indirectly. That part makes us proud.

The work part is less inspiring. It seems like a lot of repetitive, tedious stuff, and yet when I look back on a work week, we're doing everything. And that's pretty proud-making, too, at least to look back on, if not while it's going on.

Since we moved to Portland, most of our energy has been directed toward the business, of course, but we've managed to poke around enough to know we're in the right spot for us. The mutts are extraordinarily happy and spoiled, the music, arts, and culture are alive and kicking here, and the politics--well, at least they're lively. I reckon I'd rather be with a bunch of passionate people who I may disagree with than apathetic folks with no conflicts at all.

Anyway, here are some snaps of our lives since we made the trek; and if you're looking at this site, it's most likely cuz you're not here in Portland. So HURRY UP. We have a guest bedroom and everything, just like grown-ups!

Here are more pics, with more coming soon, including those of our fabulous pets, Tucker, Zoe, Max, and Ariel. We have a tank full o' cichlids, too, but they've proven to be a bit camera shy.

Blessings to all y'all!

Alan and Seana